The Hype

“The best new band breaking out of the North West in 2014”Antipop Records

“Return to the Shack is an impassioned record that has no weaknesses or slip-ups- everything contained within knocks you off of your feet…Read MoreLee at musicmusingsandsuch

“Return To The Shack is brimming with ideas, animated and fruitful, the passion which assembles at the very heart of the album flows creatively outwards and finds a home worth living in.. Read More” – Ian Hall at Liverpool Sound & Vision

“Broken 3 ways are just awesome all round, I have seen them many times and have even put them on at my nights a few times. They blow the roof of every single time and you are never EVER disappointed, I can promise that! They are the most energetic band I think I have ever come across, with the most amazing sound! They’ve been going for about 5 years (maybe even more) and they just gel together on stage. Front man Jay looks the part with his dreadlocks and they all just come on stage do their thing and dont give a shit if people hate it or not!” Liverpool Live

“Broken 3 Ways are catchy ska punk at its best and the band everyone wants as their best friends. More than a band they are fast becoming an institution. You know the songs, you know the dances and it all comes together to make them one of the best live bands around”Northern Shout Promotions